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Fishing/Commercial Vessels

Our commercial tuning clients want to keep fuel burn down and torque and power up without stressing the mechanicals.  Decades of experience in commercial outboards, but also inboard diesels, with many thousands of ECUs tuned over that time, means we’re the industry leaders that you can trust. Contact our team today and see what we … Read more

Cruisers And Inboards

Marine diesel engines can deliver exceptional fuel savings once we have recalibrated the ecu specifically for its use, fuel grade, operating conditions, cruising rpm, and so on. Aside from adding greater power and torque, we specialise in maximising efficiency and fuel savings.

Outboard Motors

Outboards are brilliant when tuned correctly.   Years of development and thousands of logging R&D hours have gone into our custom-tuning solutions for recalibrating the standard ECU coding to our specifications.    We tune them specifically to suit your requirements of a higher power, lower fuel burn, fuel grade, fuel quality, rpm, load and a host … Read more

Tuning For Marine Vessels

Marine tuning for all marine cruisers for enhanced performance, increased fuel savings, smoother running, and faster acceleration.  We have developed the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Jetski/ Pwc Performance

Save fuel with our highly developed range optimisation tuning.  This service specifically targets saving as much fuel as possible when cruising.   You truly can have your cake and eat it when combining this service with our high-performance options! Fast when you need it. Economical, range extending, fuel savings when cruising.   We can make it … Read more

ECU Recalibration

With our team of engineers, coding calibration, tuning and racing experts we have spent years developing and testing the best solutions for your marine vessel.  We expertly reengineer the coding in your vehicle controller to perform the way we intend it, for our fuel grades, your fuel choice and local conditions.  You tell us how … Read more