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Marine Engine Performance, Economy, Recalibration and Custom Tuning

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    our services

    ECU Recalibration

    With our team of engineers, coding calibration, tuning and racing experts we have spent years developing and testing the best solutions for your marine vessel. 

    Jetski/ Pwc Performance

    Save fuel with our highly developed range optimisation tuning.  This service specifically targets saving as much fuel as possible when cruising.   You truly can have

    Tuning For Marine Vessels

    Marine tuning for all marine cruisers for enhanced performance, increased fuel savings, smoother running, and faster acceleration.  We have developed the best solutions for your specific

    Outboard Motors

    Outboards are brilliant when tuned correctly.   Years of development and thousands of logging R&D hours have gone into our custom-tuning solutions for recalibrating the standard

    Cruisers And Inboards

    Marine diesel engines can deliver exceptional fuel savings once we have recalibrated the ecu specifically for its use, fuel grade, operating conditions, cruising rpm, and

    Fishing/Commercial Vessels

    Our commercial tuning clients want to keep fuel burn down and torque and power up without stressing the mechanicals.  Decades of experience in commercial outboards,

    what we do

    Born out of a passion for coding development, Custom tuning and re-calibration of ECU’s, saving fuel and making things fast on the water…

    Marine Tuning was born.

    Whether it’s your outboard, Jet Ski PWC or inboard performance or diesel cruiser we have the answers to recalibrating and custom tuning the engine for greater speed, efficiency, power and torque to suit your needs.

    Our main development hub is based out of Cairns, FNQ Australia, where our alliance with Cairns Watercraft and their performance engineering racing division 2UNED has been second to none, combining expertise, knowledge, experience, racing pedigree and passion.

    We focus on reliability, fuel savings at cruising speed and max performance when you want it.

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    An engine control unit (ECU) is a vehicle’s electronic ‘brain’ that controls everything to do with the combustion process within the engine and its performance.
    When we ‘recalibrate’ an ECU, we aim to optimise efficiency, power and torque of the engine within the safety margins of the manufacturer. We leave safety margins intact and reliability is our key aim first and foremost.
    Manufacturers generally sell marine vessels that need to service worldwide markets, meet strict emissions and environmental standards and appeal to the largest consumer market as possible. This results in manufacturers selling what is essentially a basic generic version of their vehicle to meet these standards across as many different countries as they can and to appeal to the needs and wants of as many customers as possible. We can enhance the coding to suit your requirements and local Aussie conditions without having any negative impact on your vehicle at all. Greater fuel savings, smoother, faster acceleration, more power and torque. Only positives!
    We carefully re-engineer hundreds of parameters in the factory ECU and have spent over a decade specialising in ecu recalibration in Australian with carefully scientifically developed solutions and extensive real world on water testing as part of our ongoing research and development programs. As all tuners and developers should, we pay special attention to fuelling strategies, torque management, air/boost management, injection duration and timing, temperatures, to name a few. Having full ECU access through a host of editing software means the level of detail we can delve into surpasses the best globally, which means we deliver a level of customisation and quality of tuning and coding calibration is the best on the market. We are on the water most days testing and developing everything we do and invite you to put out passion to the test. Contact us now

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