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ecu recalibration

With our team of engineers, coding calibration, tuning and racing experts we have spent years developing and testing the best solutions for your marine vessel. 

Jetski/ Pwc Performance

Exactly how fast do you want it ?  We can make it as fast as you need. Racing is in our blood.  From maximum economy

tuning for marine vessels

Marine tuning for all marine cruisers for enhanced performance, increased fuel savings, smoother running, and faster acceleration.  We have developed the best solutions for your specific

outboard motors

Outboards are brilliant to tune. Recalibrating the standard ecu coding to our specifications really wakes them up.  We can often turn them into the next model

Cruisers And Inboards

Marine diesel engines can deliver exceptional fuel savings once we have recalibrated the ecu specifically for its use, fuel grade, operating conditions, cruising rpm, and

Super Yachts

Super yachts services include economy recalibration services for the yacht itself, but everything else you may require. Your Tender, Your Tender’s Tender. PWC’s, and anything